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June 19 2023 No category

New RSI Bot

Our latest development, RSI BOT Beta, will be available soon on Tradensea.

The RSI indicator, also known as the Relative Strength Index, is a measure of changes in the exchange rate that compares the rate rises in a given period with the rate falls in the same period. Its rate of change is virtually the same as the rate of change of market prices.
The RSI BOT works on the same principle as the RSI indicator and you will be able to change the values of the variables in the same way as with the RSI indicator.

The RSI BOT Beta will be available to everyone from 04.07.2023.

All users will be able to start RSI Demo Bot and live RSI trading during the beta phase.

Our subscribers will receive a tutorial on the first setup of the RSI BOT soon, so if you are not subscribed to our newsletter yet, make sure you don't miss out! 😉
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