Automated trading without limits

Excellent for automating support and resistance levels, HODL, RSI, MA, GAP strategies.

You can set it to execute once, multiple times, or even unlimited trades.

A unique tool

for market trading!

It helps spot trading. You can set not only the buy and sell price, but also the number of trades. This way the robot will execute the desired transactions up to twice, five times or unlimitedly.

How it works?


Get on the bull!

  • A shopping site that automates the principle of buying at a low price and then selling at a higher price.
  • You can put together up to 10 selling levels to a buy position.


you invest $100 at $1,000 exchange rate and automatically sell at your pre-set price of $2,000, giving you 100% profit. Repeating this again, the BOT will perform the transactions again, so with a total of $100 invested, you will realize a profit of $200.

You can also set an unlimited number of runs.

Minimum bet: $20


The bear is our friend!

  • With the sell page you can sell your existing cryptocurrencies first.
  • Then you can buy back the sold amount at a lower exchange rate. It works with the reverse logic of buying.


You sell your pre-purchased 1 cryptocurrency at a set rate of $2,000 in the same way as in the previous example. Then you buy back your 1 cryptocurrency at $1,000, so you didn't buy it for $2,000, you bought it for $1,000, so you have $1,000 left (which you can also reinvest) and the number of units stays

Minimum bet: $20

Initial purchase rate

If you don't want the bot to buy in advance at any time, you can prevent this with a setting. By setting the starting buy rate, you can tell the SPOT BOT at which rate level to activate this feature.

Buying at a rising rate

Also with a simple setting, you can enable buying not only at a falling rate, but also at a rising rate.


With this useful feature you can set the amount of capital available for transactions in your trading strategy. The limit does not sell like a Stop Loss, it only limits the amount of buying.

Mapping option

You have the option to organise your trades in folders, so that you will have a clearer overview and retrieval of all important data later on.

Folder limit

You can set the maximum amount of capital you can use for each folder.


Are you brave enough to make your first trade? With our demo trading you can try your hand at crypto trading robots for free, whether you're a beginner or an advanced trader. Set up your own strategy and see how it performs in the market. Follow our guides! Don't give up! We want to hold your hand while you make your first trades so we've created instructional videos and guides to give you as much information as possible before you start your first trade. Your success is our success!

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