Unlimited trading level

It allows you to set any buy and sell percentage, creating a unique set of rules to trade for you.

Set an unlimited number of trading levels - quickly and easily.

Fully customizable functions.

How it works?


Set unlimited trading levels quickly and easily.

  • Ability to trade through a channel you define with a single setup. This saves you time and maximizes profits and does not tie up your available capital
  • You can set up to 10 sell levels for each generated robot. In case the exchange rate goes out of your defined channel, the preset Track Rate Rise or Track Rate Fall will execute trades outside the channel.
  • You can significantly reduce your exchange rate risk!


In the event of a fall in the exchange rate within the channel it buys at 5 percent then liquidates your existing position at 5 percent rise. If it’s a continuously rising market it will buy and sell upwards.

Minimum bet: $20


No need to guess where the bottom will be!

  • Similar to the SPOT BOT, you can create SELL/BUY levels by specifying custom set of rules.
  • You can generate unlimited trading levels with a single setting.
  • It includes fully customizable features that allow you to quickly and easily set up the transactions you want.
  • If you bought above and got stuck, you can generate profits in a falling market with the sell side.


In the event of a drop in the channel, you sell your existing cryptocurrency at 5 percent then buy it back at 5 percent lower so you keep your number of units and make a profit (which you can even reinvest).

Minimum bet: $20


Following the exchange rate fluctuations

Exchange rate increase and decrease tracking function helps you not to miss trading positions when the set exchange rate levels are exceeded!

When the exchange rate crosses the price levels you set and goes outside of your trading zone, the system automatically generates multiple levels up and down (you can set them separately) to ensure continuous trading so you don't miss out on positions.

You can set this below the predefined price levels when buying and above when selling.


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