Develop your own unique strategy by creating rules based on the popular RSI indicator!

  • With RSI BOT you can place simple, efficient, fully automated trades at the right RSI levels.
  • You can set the desired percentage to buy and sell.
  • You can also enter multiple pending trades to increase your profit potential until the desired percentages are reached.
  • It signals overbought and oversold crypto products but manually setting up strategies based on this signal is very time-consuming and it is almost impossible to always place trades at the right time. It is much easier and more efficient to trade with a fully automated RSI BOT.


For decades RSI has been considered one of the best indicators for presenting investment market metrics and creating various trading strategies and systems.

The Relative Strength Index or "RSI" is a financial indicator that measures market sentiment and momentum on a scale between 0 and 100%.

There are two important levels on the scale which are closely monitored by traders:

  • At the 30 level, the product is typically oversold, i.e. it has reached a level where selling is expected to stop - this is associated with a strengthening of the buy side. In practice at or above this level, the price of a product is expected to start to rise. Many investors see the RSI index around the 30 level as a buying opportunity.
  • The 70 level is the opposite of the 30 level, meaning that in this case the product is overbought, which means that further buying on the buy side will start to weaken at this level which will strengthen the sell side's positions. At the 70 level, the start of selling brings a fall in the price. It takes into account the number of spikes and timeframe.

How it works?

  • With the RSI BOT you can set the desired percentage to buy and sell!
  • You can set multiple pending transactions i.e. until the price reaches the desired sell percentage, so this way you can increase your profit potential.
  • It also watches out for the possibility of a price rate difference, if the sell rate is lower than the buy rate, it will not execute the transaction. We have solved this with a system that reviews the buy positions and the sell value and only executes transactions from the buy positions that make a profit!


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