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December 09 2022 Cryptocurrency

How a trading robot works

If you're looking to trade cryptocurrency, you'll soon discover that it's a fast-moving space, even compared to traditional exchanges. Trading robots can help you keep up with these fast trends. 

First of all, what is a trading bot?

These are programs that can connect to the various crypto exchanges and execute transactions based on your settings. You can program them to buy or sell on what terms, and in what volume. Once set up, these trading bots monitor the market's price movements and do the monotonous but constant attention required for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

This is how Tradensea's systems works, so with the right settings, it can actually turn crypto trading into a passive source of income for you.

How do trading bots make a profit? 

Crypto trading robots must have access to the desired exchange. You can do this through an API connection. In addition, in order to give the system access to your tokens, you must of course also make your wallet available to it. Once you're done with the connections, your trading bots will trade for you according to your set buy and sell. So let the profit making begin!

What are the advantages of these sticks?

We have already talked about constant, round-the-clock attention. Another very big advantage of this software is that it completely eliminates human factors. Our emotions are very often bad advisors. Fear of loss or worry about postponing a profitable situation can be a very bad indicator of bad decisions. In contrast, trading software that is fully rational can never, for example, enter a FOMO state. 

Why is it worth trading Tradensea sticks? 

Tradensea's bots can be a great way to automate your trading and maximise your profits if you use the right trading strategy for you and your goals.  

Maximising profits through the development of a limit function, reinterpreting the pre-market price, and keeping your capital liquid are just some of the many strengths that are still under development. In addition, Tradensea's bots are capable of executing 12 000 transactions per second at real-time exchange rates.  

Our trading system will help you become a successful trader and get the best possible return on your investment.  

What are the best dealer rods? 

The most efficient trading robots combine automated and manual trading strategies and also offer the possibility to diversify your setup. 

The best known and best trading bots on the market are Cryptohopper, Bitsgap, Trality and of course our system, the Tradensea trading software.  

What types of trading robots are there? 

We have a range of package offers to choose from, with a variety of sticks available to make trading easier, more efficient and more convenient. Let's take a look at the sticks you can get with us! 

One great option is to choose the SPOT Bot. This type of bot helps you spot trade, not only can you set the buy and sell price, but you can also set the number of trades the bot will make, so it will make the transactions you want twice, five times or unlimited.  

Of course, we've also thought about security. You can also set a limit to protect your capital. You can also turn on separate functions for initial buy rate and buy on rising rate to help you track changes in the exchange rate. 

And with our trading bot demo, you can try out for free, without risk, what results a trading bot like this can give you. 

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