How much profit can I expect?
Depends on your invested capital and risk exposure, as well as market conditions.
How much time do I need to spend on it each day?
In the beginning less experienced users should familiarise themselves with the robot and its potential by using the demo. Once you are comfortable with the setup it no longer requires constant daily attention. Depending on your strategy a weekly few hours of work with your portfolio should be sufficient.
Is it like the MLM system?
No, it is not.
What costs can I expect?
See our packages in the Prices section. There you will find all the costs and can pick a package and make your calculations.
Is there a tutorial or a user guide?
Yes. There are several options available. We have a YouTube channel, a regularly updated blog, a knowledge base and personal training.
How can I buy Tradensea packages?
You can start using the Tradensea software once you have registered and launched the packages of your choice. From the packages offered on the website you need to select the one that best suits your trading goals.
Which is the best trading pair?
There is no good indicator for this so unfortunately we cannot give you a reliable answer.
What percentages should I set?
With low capital you should set a higher percentage of 3-5%, with high capital a lower percentage of 1-3%.
Is there anything I should be aware of when setting the profit percentage?
Yes, the trading fee on the bill. On Binance for example it is 0.2%.
Can I loose everything?
Yes, if the user takes too much risk or if the wrong values are entered into the robot.
Do you have access to my funds?
No, everyone has control over their own capital and only themselves!
Where do I transfer my capital?
You need to deposit it in the SPOT WALLET account of the exchange.
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