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December 09 2022 Cryptocurrency

In search of the best bitcoin trading robot

A bitcoin trading robot is a useful tool that allows investors to automate their trading activities and gain an advantage in the market. Of course, there is more than one type. Read on if you're interested in which are the best! 

What exactly is a bitcoin trading robot good for?

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Trading bots are automated computer programs designed to perform specific tasks with minimal human intervention. Cryptocurrency trading bots trade one or more cryptocurrencies on one or more platforms on behalf of the owner or user. They are used to automate trading strategies and increase profits.

Features of trading bots 

The best trading bots - like the ones you'll find here - are profitable and customisable. The most effective bots combine automated and manual trading strategies.

The robots collect big data crypto information in real time using APIs. They then use predefined trading strategies to analyse this information to derive useful and actionable metrics or inferences, known as trading signals. 

The analysis is done with the aim of predicting future crypto prices for, say, bitcoin and other coins, and the accuracy of the prediction matters. 

After predicting the future price, they place buy and sell orders on the actual crypto markets. Most markets execute the orders automatically, so the bots generate profits or losses. 

The best cryptocurrency trading bots gather information from multiple social media sources, news sites, crypto makers and many other sources. That's why they use artificial intelligence and machine learning to decipher which news stories have a social impact and therefore influence market prices. The bots can be purchased as standalone software or integrated into cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Three popular bitcoin trading robots 

  1.  Spot Bot
    • Automation is very important with Spot Bot, as we can predefine the different parameters we want to take into account when trading: 
      • Set buy and sell prices and diversify them.
      • Determining the number of units traded.
      • Setting buy and sell percentages, which will be automatically used to run the trading process.
      • LIMIT setting, which allows you to feel maximum security by setting the amount of capital that can be allowed in, as well as creating exchange rate gaps. It is important to emphasise that this only limits the amount you can buy, it does not sell.
  2. RSI Bot
    • In this case it is a special Bot, because:
      • It measures market sentiment and momentum on a scale of 0-100.
      • Level 30: the buy side is getting stronger, the price of the product is expected to rise, so most investors buy at this level.
      • The 70 level is the opposite of the 30 level, so the buy side is expected to weaken and the sell side to strengthen.
  3. Launch Bot
    • This allows us to trade new coins. It is important to point out that the sale in this case is handled by STOP LOSS.


If you are reading these lines and feel an irresistible desire to explore the potential of bitcoin trading robots, please contact us for more information! We will surely find a way to help you achieve your goals.

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