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May 04 2023 No category

Bullish market extra with Tradensea!

A new bull market is expected soon, which will attract new investors to the market. At this time of year, we are hearing of legendary profits, so it is no wonder that everyone wants to make the most of their investment. There is no such thing as always hitting the perfect entry and exit point. The market does not always respect technical analysis and may move in the opposite direction to what you expect, causing no small surprise. This is particularly true for the crypto market.

During the bull market in 2017, there were five occasions when Bitcoin fell 30% and this is perfectly normal in this market. If we knew when the market would turn, we could take advantage of these falls and profit from them. If we can catch these waves well, then the chips will be rolling. All you need is to be ready to jump in 24 hours a day, to have trading knowledge and experience, to know exactly what you want and, of course, to do it without emotion. If any of this is missing, success is doubtful.

Tradensea is a fully Hungarian-developed software designed for the crypto market to make life easier for traders and users. It has trading robots and unique (!) features that are fully customizable, depending on what type of trader you are or what strategy you have.For example, if you buy down every 1% and sell up every 1.2%, then no matter which way the price goes, it will trade all levels for you. This means that no matter when the market turns, the robot will not miss anything. However, it is important that you manage your capital well and have enough to buy all the way through one fall! You will find the tools to do this in the software.

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