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March 24 2023 Cryptocurrency

Do you know our referral program?

Do you know our referral program?

Our platform and the packages we have put together are easy to use and, fortunately, can be a rewarding activity to get to know, so if you want your friends, acquaintances, relatives or colleagues to take

Before you ask us what it takes, we'll tell you that it's really nothing. Just figure out who you want to introduce to bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading and leave the rest to us. We're dedicating today's blog post to giving you a detailed explanation of our commission scheme, as you'll get credit for every new user and package you sign up.

How can you use our referral program?

Just as our previous blog posts have helped you to use the system, this one will support you in how you can send a referral/invitation to someone you think might be interested.

It is even worth sending to someone who might be a little more sceptical, as there will be plenty of tutorials available.

But let's move on to the referral program, which you can take advantage of in two ways. One is to copy out your referral ID, which you can find in the referral tab of your account. The other way is to enter your name and email address in the appropriate box and click the invite button. Here you can send recommendations to several people at once. 

But what happens after the invitation?

We'll send you a nicely put together email!

Once you've sent out your invitation, you'll receive an email from us with a link to register. There you only have to fill in a few details, but a field will be automatically filled in to let you know that someone will be referred to Tradensea, where they can choose our demo package if they want to experience trading cryptocurrency - without any risk for now.

Create another passive income source for yourself!

If trading cryptocurrencies isn't enough, you can also round up a sizeable income from our referral program.

But let's quantify the bonuses: for 1-9 registered users, you get 5% of the package value as commission, but the same commission increases to 10% for 10 or more registered users. You will receive your weekly payments in USDT, via Binance Pay of course. As a basis for a correct accounting, we will send you information emails on how much commission you will receive and you can also track it in detail. You can even search back in the transactions tab and see the expected bonus amount.

The commission rate increases in proportion to the size of the package of the members you invite, and you can even earn your own monthly fee for the members you refer.


It's important to stress that this is not MLM, not a pyramid scheme, no starter packages to sell, no need to harass people you know. You can use our platform as a lone wolf, but if you feel that there is someone in your environment who would like to adventure in the exciting world of crypto trading, you can recommend our system to them as described above, and even generate passive income by helping someone important to you to learn about what we do!

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