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December 30 2022 Cryptocurrency

Setting up the Generator Grid is now even easier

Once you've set your mind on getting into trading cryptocurrencies, you'll inevitably find yourself faced with trading robots, which are very useful. They will help you avoid sitting non-stop in front of your computer, watching the constantly changing exchange rates and other parameters. Setting up the Generator Grid will also be easier if you watch our help video!

After all, it doesn't matter if you can set up your automated trading bots properly, because without it, they certainly won't produce the results they can when you read this blog post.

Setting up the Generator Grid

To trade more successfully, you need some automated help, which in this case will be provided by a trading bot that you can fully customize to your needs. 

During the basic setup, this Grid bot creates a separate folder where you can set up your own grid system that will tell you where to buy and where to sell currency.
You can also specify the starting and maximum exchange rate at which you want to long or short.
The Generator selects several parameters automatically as you enter the starting value, taking the burden off your shoulders in many cases.
You will need to set the increments, which will indicate how many trades you will have in that zone.
You can set up a safety limit, or even a bottleneck limit, which will protect the amount of your total portfolio.
Linked to this are the security settings, where you can specify how much of your capital the system can use.
Generator Grid also monitors the rise and fall of the exchange rate.
By setting up shoploss and protection against jamming, you can again protect yourself and your capital, so that if a rate goes out, you can pause the whole folder and then re-energise it later.

Then, in the summary settings, you can double-check that everything is set up to your needs, and pending or completed transactions can be viewed separately for transparency.


Why is this important?

The question of why this is so important is a valid one, so it's worth touching on that too.

If you get the various parameters of the Generator Grid right, you are protecting yourself and your capital, and the best use of it. Thanks to the various limits, bands, limits, protection and security settings, trades will only be made in the way and with the type of trade you have pre-approved. And if a situation arises in the market where a quote goes out of range, you can even close your entire created folder, but only temporarily.

It's certainly difficult to get your head around it all at first, but luckily our previous blog posts, our knowledge base and our in-depth YouTube videos with one of the most respected influencers in the crypto space, Dr. Janó Daniel, will all help you to be as successful as possible in the cryptocurrency market!

The fact that we don't let your hands go when you buy our packages is a matter of course for us, as is the fact that you can download a demo version before you buy, so you can not only try our system before you buy, but you can even pay for a personal training with us!

You won't miss a thing!

Although you may be aware of basic trends and tendencies yourself, and even have a better overview of the whole crypto market as time goes by, the use of automated systems is essential.

If you're interested in this opportunity and would like to get started, please contact us!

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