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December 12 2022 Cryptocurrency

Switching to live trading or how to get a solid foundation?

Many people flirt with the idea of mining cryptocurrency, and perhaps even more with trading it, but many mistakenly make the mistake of rushing into live trading after reading a few articles and blog posts, which can lead to failure or worse, losing money.

If you yourself want to avoid making this capital mistake, we strongly recommend that you get a solid foundation of knowledge and invest the necessary time and energy. Yes, you're right, you don't need to invest any money, as we provide you with all the necessary knowledge for free and without any charge.

Switch to live trading and all that precedes it

Who wouldn't be on pins and needles to put a newly acquired piece of knowledge into practice? I'm sure you remember how much you had your foot on the imaginary accelerator when you were learning to drive. You were dying to get on the road, while your experienced instructors warned you not to speed. Well, it's no different in cryptocurrency trading, where you should also get to know the trading bots if you want to be really efficient. 

However, we would definitely recommend that you enter the real battlefield only and only after due diligence.

And by that we mean the following:

Read our Frequently Asked Questions!
Check out our Knowledge Base, where we cover all the relevant questions tangentially!
Check out our blog, where each post covers an aspect of cryptocurrency in detail!
Click through to our YouTube channel where we'll be sharing all the technical tricks, innovations and developments with you, with ever-expanding content.

However, the self-training round is far from over here, as we're just getting started with the demo software where you can test your skills.

Practice on our demo version before going live!

Once you feel you've mastered everything in theory, head to the practice floor! No, no, don't switch to live trading yet, but take advantage of the fantastic opportunity we offer you. Before you buy any of our software packages, we give you the chance to get a free look at how the platform works, with just a quick registration.

Of course, you can only make demo transactions here, nothing happens live, and that's a huge advantage for two reasons alone: firstly, you can try out this way of earning passive income without any risk, and secondly, you get a first-hand look at how trading works. You do all this without having to spend a single penny on learning.

Everything works exactly the same in the demo version as it will when you switch to live trading by subscribing to one of our package offers.

We are at your disposal!

If after all the material you still feel you have questions, don't hesitate to share them with us. For a fee, we can even offer you a personal consultation, where you can not only get answers to your questions, but also receive training tailored to your needs.

Of course, if you just have a quick question or need some reassurance, feel free to contact us! We firmly believe that with the right education and support, anyone can become a professional cryptocurrency trader.

Why not become one yourself? Are you ready? Come on, let's do it together!





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