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December 12 2022 Cryptocurrency

Starting to get the picture, but still don't know what a blockchain is?

No matter how you look at it, mining and trading bitcoin is not easy, it's full of special features, so here's where you'll first learn what exactly a blockchain is.

If you're beginning to understand why cryptocurrency is good, how mining works, and you're already planning to start trading bitcoin yourself, then you need to learn about blockchain. Without it, you will not be able to trade safely. 

Once you know what blockchain is, you will have further proof that the game is completely fair and that everyone is playing by the rules. And even if someone wants to deviate from it, they can't, because that's what blockchain prevents.

Rest assured, nothing unintelligible will happen, but you will finally have the certainty that the world of cryptocurrency is safe.

What is blockchain? 

A blockchain is basically nothing more than a ledger of cryptocurrency, which allows you to be transparent about all the processes involved in trading cryptocurrency. It thus gives the possibility to exclude any falsification or modification of the system.

It is therefore a security system that links different blocks of data together, so that practically the entire database is then linked together, so that all previous transactions can be traced and verified.

Data blocks are nothing more than lists of transactions and a database of programs running on them, which can store not only data but also executable code. They can then be easily searched and linked to the next data block by an encrypted hash, a time stamp, which keeps a chain of all previous transaction data.

This latest technological innovation allows anyone to join the process, initiate and authenticate transactions, while keeping a record of everything, so you can be sure that there is no fraud, embezzlement or scams.

Why is bitcoin safe?

It probably goes without saying how much room for error there is in the human being himself. Therefore, the very fact that cryptocurrency is a completely independent currency, not influenced by politics, great powers or billionaire businessmen, is in itself a pretty solid guarantee that it is a much safer place to trade than if you were to work with the currencies of specific countries.

Add to this the blockchain, which makes transactions completely public and transparent. The fact that everyone has access but cannot modify or falsify transactions only adds to the security of bitcoin trading.

Want to get started?

If you've been considering taking the first steps into bitcoins, know that we have a range of demos, knowledge bases and YouTube videos to help you get started! 

Of course, you can also learn from us in person, taking further steps towards a secure passive income, which you don't even have to be at your computer 0-24, as our automated software will mine even when you are relaxing!

Are you ready for this unique and innovative venture?




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