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December 12 2022 Cryptocurrency

Many people do not know what bitcoin is for! Do you know?

Even though the terms bitcoin and cryptocurrency are quite commonplace, if you ask ten random people on the street, maybe three or four will tell you real information about what bitcoin is good for. If you don't really know either, it's high time you took a closer look at this future-oriented tool, as the world is unlikely to avoid it becoming even more widespread.

But first, it's worth clarifying what bitcoin is and how you can get your hands on it!

A brief history of bitcoin

The first bitcoin was issued in 2009 by an unknown developer immediately after the 2008 US banking crisis, and bitcoin is actually nothing more than a digitally stored, open-source currency.

Because it is stored digitally, it does not have a printed version, and it will not be printed because there is no one to print it, because bitcoin is a decentralised currency that is not dependent on political parties, countries or anyone.

You can get it by solving mathematical problems, but you can of course use excellent software, or even automate the process with bots, so you don't even have to sit in front of your computer 0-24, because well-chosen software will do the work for you even when you're busy doing something else.

But what is bitcoin good for?

Beyond the excitement and challenge of acquiring it, and the lure of being a pioneer in something for people who like innovation, bitcoin has many other functions. Here are the most important ones!

You can travel with it, as many travel agencies accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

You can do charity work with it, as there are already a number of organisations that make this possible.

You can keep it! You don't have to spend it, of course, you can store the bitcoins you mine.

But you can also trade it! So if you use good software, you can increase the amount of cryptocurrency you have!

You can now buy with bitcoins! You can now pay for your purchases with cryptocurrencies, for example in Alza's webshop.

There are also plenty of acceptance points for gambling, adult films and video games, but you should proceed with caution and care.

You can use it to buy additional bitcoin mining equipment, which makes sense in a way, because what would it look like if you couldn't pay in cryptocurrency for that?!

How exciting does that sound? If you want to start your first bitcoin business, take the first steps with us and learn from our tutorials or even in person!

Is bitcoin the future?

This is perhaps the hardest to predict, as the world is constantly changing, but at the same time everyone has high hopes for cryptocurrency, because its strength is that it is not dependent on any polity, ideology or people for its existence and of course its legitimacy. 

If you do not want to miss out on it, it is important to know that you can start as an individual or as a company with a small amount of capital, so you hardly risk anything during your training period. 

Of course, we know that this blog post is only scratching the tip of the iceberg, so we are happy to offer our services to bring you even closer to the wonderful world of cryptocurrency!

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