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If you see a red exclamation mark in the robot folders: 

  • you have run out of funds and the robot can no longer trade. In this case, you need to set sell levels to sell the existing cryptos and then you can either trade again with the freed up capital or allow more capital in the limit settings. You can also delete the folder, in which case your crypto will remain, but if you don't set a sell, your trading will stop! 
  • The API connection is broken. This should be checked and reactivated on the Exchanger or in your account. On the Binance Exchange you need to renew the API connection every 90 days!
  • You have entered too small a buy bet. This is a minimum of 20 USD on Binance.

If any of these cases apply, you will first receive an email notification, and later, if you do not respond, we will stop the robot from trading to avoid placing unnecessary orders that cannot be fulfilled to the given exchange!  

  • Pro tip 1: Be careful to set your trades based on your capital 
  • Pro tip 2: Remember to reset API key access every 90 days.
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