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Why is your account safe with us?

A website is secure if the browser and the web server and the programs are secure.  

The Tradeanse website includes an SSL certificate and a redirect to HTTPS. These alone provide security.

Our website also has 2-factor authentication via email and the option to set up an anti-phishing code.

Pro tips!

Pro tip No 1 Use a virus-free computer.

Pro tip No. 2 Make a separate email address for your crypto activities. Use the protonmail mailing system. It's as free as gmail, but safer.

Pro tip No. 3 Have the 2FA app, a two-factor authentication app, downloaded to your phone. Download Authy and Google Authenticator.

Pro tip No. 4 The passwords you enter on crypto platforms should be new and difficult. They should be ones you haven't used for anything else and won't use for anything else.

Pro tip No. 5 Store all passwords offline only and in multiple locations. Never store a single password in digital form, either on a thumb drive or on your phone.

Pro tip No. 6 Register on the biggest exchange: Binance. Always register in your own name because it will be linked to you.

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