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Changing your packages

Can I switch packages if I already have an existing package 

Yes, you can switch packages! You have the option to downgrade and upgrade.  

Choose the package you like and order it with your preferred payment method and you can immediately enjoy the benefits of a larger package! You can switch packages at the same place where you selected it  

your current package 

When do I switch packages? 

If you switch upwards, you will only have to pay the difference pro rata for that month and your higher package will be activated immediately after payment! However, if you switch downwards, your chosen package will only be activated from the turnaround point of your payment 

No refunds will be given for cancelling or switching a monthly or annual package you have started! 

  • Pro tip 1: It's a good idea to move up from the smaller package as soon as you want the larger one! 
  • Pro tip 2: Only choose the annual payment if you are thinking long-term!
  • Pro tip 3: Be warned that when you reach the end of your package's resource, don't worry! 
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