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Tradensea referral bonus system

How can you refer and what are your rewards?  

There are three ways to refer someone. 

- You can give them your referrer ID, consisting of a letter and/or a number (note the difference between upper and lower case!) 

- You copy or send the referral link and they register through it 

- In the automatic email send, you enter the email address of the person you want to invite and send them the invitation 

How does the referral system work?  

Your commission is 5% of the monthly fee of the monthly subscribers you invite, up to 9 users. If the number of monthly subscribers you invite reaches or exceeds 10, you will receive a 10% bonus on the monthly fee paid by each of them. We only count users with a monthly fee Users who do not pay their monthly fee on time will not be counted in the promotion and will not receive a bonus. 

When will I receive my bonus? 

Your commission will be sent to your Binance wallet at the end of each month via Binance Pay. If you have not entered your Binance PAY ID, you will be notified once to make up for it! We only send your bonus via Binance PAY in USDT. 

Important information. 

If your invitee has misspelled your code, we will not be able to correct it afterwards, so please make sure to enter your ID correctly 

Where can I find my Binance Pay ID?  

If your Binance Pay ID is incorrect, we will not be able to re-transfer the funds. If you set up your Binance Pay ID later, but you already have an unpaid month, we will not be able to pay you the amount you have already earned.  You will only receive a bonus on your monthly subscription after you have been invited, strategies and other services/products that can be purchased are not included in the promotion. 

  • ProTip 1: You can also send your referral code via SMS/Email.   
  • ProTip 2: You can also send your recommendations via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel and on any social media platform.  
  • ProTip 3: Get at least enough referrals to make your monthly fee free. 
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