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Liquid capital

Unlike other trading robots on the market, Tradensea's robots do not tie up your capital in buy and sell positions, so you are not stuck with a position, because instead of being assigned to positions on unsettled transactions, if there is another position that can be executed, it will be filled by the robot, so your capital remains liquid. 

Orders are set at predetermined prices, so you could call this the Limit setting that is already known in the market. However, it is not, because these settings only exist on Tradensea's software. The trade is only executed on the variable when the exchange rate reaches the buy level. This is called a Market trade. So in fact, we have created a unique Hybrid (!!!) trade, which allows the capital to always remain liquid. Oh, and last but not least, we don't load the exchange server with unnecessary requests.  

In order to understand how your capital stays liquid using Tradensea's robots, you need to understand the basic concepts.

Liquidity in this sense means how easily a crypto asset can be converted into another crypto asset without affecting its price. In simple terms, liquidity describes how quickly and easily a cryptocurrency can be bought or sold.

If you want to buy 100 USDT worth of BTC on Binance's BTC/USDT pair, you can do so almost instantly without any impact on the price. This is why liquidity is important when it comes to cryptocurrencies. 

In this sense, good liquidity means that an asset can be bought or sold quickly and easily without this having a big impact on its price. In contrast, poor or low liquidity means that an asset cannot be bought or sold quickly. Or if it is, the transaction has a significant impact on its price.

Like any other investment arena, cryptocurrency trading involves buying and selling pairs of digital cryptocurrencies for profit. To make a profit, you need to sell a cryptocurrency "pair" at a higher price than you originally paid for it. The exchange rate of most pairs varies from second to second. 

Pro tip No. 1 You can open positions in more than one direction at a time for your given amount of capital.

Pro tip No. 2 SOON. You can set your stuck base position against other base currencies e.g. BNB/ETH, ETH/BTC, BNB/BTC. 

Pro tip No. 3 You can even play with time/currency...

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