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Defining your trading style


Before you start trading, it's important to define your goals, where you want to go and to identify what type of trader and investor you are. Once you know these, you should develop your strategy so that you can use the right tools and settings to achieve your goals. The Tradensea robot gives you the possibility to automate any type of trading with the right settings. These trading types can also be combined with each other. 

Long-term or HODL  

I buy crypto for the long term (even years) and don't really care much about it. 

It's worth paying attention to the entry point, because it's not all the same where you enter, or what you want to buy into. A good solution might be DCA-style shopping as opposed to putting everything in at once. This type of trading is relatively easy because it does not require constant attention. It is less time consuming. More reliance on news and fundamentals. Basically, I am trying to ride the Macro market trend for the long term. 

Candle view daily or weekly. 

Swing trade 

This type of trading already requires some knowledge and practice in crypto. Technical analysis also plays an important role, because here you need to be able to distinguish short-term movements. The trading period can be weekly or even monthly. Candle view 1 h or 4 h.   


Intraday trading means trading within a day. It also means several transactions per day. Technical analysis plays a greater role than fundamental analysis. It requires more practice than the other trading types, so it is highly recommended to start demo trades before going live. It is relatively time consuming. It is recommended to use indicators. Candle view 5 minute or 15 minute. 


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