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API connectivity

What is an Api key? 

An online service can provide data to other software or services, such as Tradensea, through an API connection. Binance also provides us with data on trading pairs, exchange rates and a lot of other data. An API key belongs to a specific user and only certain operation permissions are assigned. One such permission is to trade on that user's Binance account or through the Tradensea interface. 

Why do I need to provide the API key? 

In order to be able to trade with Tradensea on a given bill, it is necessary to provide your API key, otherwise there is no connection or link between the bill and the trading software.  

How to connect API KEY? 

First, we start by creating the API key in the Tradensea interface and select the Binance Variable -> 


Then we click on [ Generate RSA Key ] and copy the FULL BLUE RSA KEY -> 


On Binance we start to generate an API key which is Self-generated ->  


We name it and paste the Public key we copied from Tradensea into the Binance interface -> 


and then we copy the API Key that appears in the Binance interface back to Tradensear and save it and we're done. 

Disconnect the API key 

If you decide not to use the service, you can immediately disconnect your API connection at any time. 

From within Binance, on the API Management page, find the API key you have named (you gave it a name when you created it) and click on the 'Delete' button, then confirm your intention in the pop-up window.   


Since we have no other connection to your account, Tradensea has no access to your wallet on the bill and we are not allowed to make any changes there that would put your funds at risk. You have sole and exclusive control over your own funds. Tick only the boxes in the video and no more! Check the API key permission types on the variable before you create it! 

  • ProTip 1: You can connect the API keys of multiple switches to your Tradensea account.  
  • ProTip 2: You can associate multiple API keys to a single variable.
  • ProTip 3: Every 90 days you need to confirm the API connection and enable SPOT trading again, otherwise the robots will stop working.
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