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Am I a security or a riskier?

This is a question that everyone should decide for themselves, depending on their risk tolerance, their trading goals and how much time they have to devote to it 

With the right Tradensea robot setup, risk is eliminated! Why? Because the robot will only sell at a loss if we decide to take a loss - otherwise never! 

Risk factors can only be factors outside the robot, such as: 

  • CEX (centralised exchange) risk. If something happens to the bill and there is no possibility to allocate it. Choose the safest switch! 
  • exchange rate loss. If the value of the dollar or coins falls. In this case the robot will still make a profit and even with a 25% drop we are only down about 8%! That's why it's not worth taking your money out prematurely 
  • insufficient security protection. Use two-factor authentication on Tradensea and on the exchange, use a unique email address that you don't use for anything else, choose unique and strong passwords, use a virus-free machine!  

You can take big risks when trading and you can trade safely. The robot creates the conditions for safe trading, eliminating the worry and stress of FOMO or FUD that can lead to a series of bad decisions. Please continue to check our Knowledge Base or our tutorial videos for more information on safe setups! 

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