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Legal documents

What legal documents are held by Tradensea?  

To use the Tradensea service, you need to register on the website and accept three legal documents. When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted  

o the Tradensea leaflet 

o the Terms and Conditions 

o and the Website Legal Notice. 

You must read and accept these in order to use our service.  


Always use real data, your real contact details and your real legal data. You need to accept three documents, which you can do by scrolling down and ticking the boxes where indicated 

But before you tick, read these legal documents carefully!  

As a final step of the registration process, your acceptance and understanding of the documents you have just read must be validated by your signature. Before you sign, you need to tick the box in the image and create your digital signature using a mouse or touch pad, or on screen  

Only sign if you have understood the entire document and take full responsibility for the points contained therein! If you do not agree with the points in the documents, do not use Tradensea!   

Once signed, your Contract will be created and you can download it under the Documents tab  

Why do I need my signature?  

It is a legal requirement, and it certifies that you have read and accepted the contents of the documents with legal responsibility  

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